Cumbre Vieja

Tsunami's could hit anywhere, even the east coast of the US:

vlog business week articles

Business week articles about vlogs or videoblogs, both feature my friend Ryan's videoblog:

Let a Million Videos Bloom Online

Online Video: The Sequel

tsunami videos

on waxy.org.


I will add to this later, but just wanted to get down a list of my favorite video bloggers so far:


new technologies

Followed this link about new from Sony. They, among other companies, are working on cell microprocessors which will complete with Intel and AMD.

Lead to a story in R&D Magazine about the hot new technologies of 2005.


more blogdex

Graphic calculator story about an Apple skunkworks project that went good:

Grumpy gamer


trackback to the original post. A Beastie Boys message board, remix section.

mashups part 2

Sounds of science

Tracking back the links...

  1. jason buckley
  2. empty-handed

  3. dr menlo
  4. orbitalworks
  5. Weird, boing boing is listed as a trackback, but I can't find the link on the site. Was it removed? Google's cache of boing boing starts at the 20th, so no luck there.
  8. metafilter got it


Ok, I didn't care much for Dangermouse's Jay-Z mix, but I like this one...

[There used to be a link to the Beastles mix here, but it is gone now]

Which lead to some reading about the mashup on the Fleetwood Mash band. And the history of the mashup.

More mashup links here.

All of this courtesy of blogdex.




Blogs are networks. This is the key:

"The real-time visual processing performed by insects, as described by Tom Daniel in his PopTech lecture this fall, is just one example of how efficiently biological systems can crunch data."

From The network is the blog

useful links


Provides a password for logging onto news sites that require a password to read them, like the New York Times or LA Times.


Reposts links from a bunch of blogs, sorted by popularity. A good way to get a list of what people are interested in during the day.

lincoln fight club

King of the Cage