Surreptitiously taping

Surreptitiously taping while walking in the city.

[The video was called whirley things. It is no longer posted.]


Picture from a very tall building

A nice view. They thought so too. Click to view movie.

[The video was called picture of a picture. It is no longer posted.]


Xacti arrived

The camera arrived Tuesday morning. I have been playing around with it. No complaints so far-- there are many features. Can save a range of quality images-- over 7000 JPEG images at 640x480, over 350 at 8 megapixel. Over 40 minutes of video and audio at 640x480 30 fps high quality, or 16 a 1/2 hours of sound only. Easily connects to the TV for playback. Connects to both Mac or PC via USB for transfer. The issue I have is not related to the camera, but editing. The software that comes with the camera for editing, from Ulead, is sub-standard. I'd like to pick up an Adobe Premiere package for about $100 before I post my first video. Either that or spend $500+ for a Mac...

By the way, the eBay deal was great. Ordered Sunday evening, arrived Tuesday morning before 10.

More later...