Preparing to Vlog

I've been looking for a good camera to use to vlog. So far, I've narrowed it down to the Sanyo Xacti DMX-C4, which is the updated version of the Fisher FVDC1. It also comes in blue or orange!

I may buy one from Semsons & Co. Inc. for $680.98, which includes the Xacti for $549.99 plus a 1GB SD memory card for $90, extra battery for $15.99, and $25 for shipping. I hope this company is reputable. I'll report more when I get it.

UPDATE: I went with a Hong Kong dealer on eBay for $515 including shipping. Highly recommended. Ordered on a Sunday, arrived Tuesday morning.

It looks like camcorders of the future will take advantage of video blogging by appealing to people who want to record videos directly onto a hard drive or memory card. Video tape will go away much like audio tape has, as it is simply easier to record directly to digital to edit. Pretty soon, in camera editing will become much easier to do, with software like iMovie installed right on the camera so you can edit on the LCD, or when you plug in to a TV. The pros are already using cameras that record to directly to hard drive. By this time next year, hardware manufacturers will be selling a lot more of these. But I can't wait... I need one now. If you are interested in my research, here's what I found out about some other cameras that record directly onto memory card or mini-hard drive.

Sanyo Xacti

The Xacti was released on Aug 23, 2004. Here's a google translation of the Japanese press release. (Be patient, it took about 5 minutes for it to work for me) If you can read Japanese, here's the original press release.

This seems like the perfect videoblogging device. It is small, it can record Mpeg4 video, which is standard for most vlogs these days. It can record an hour's worth of video on a 1 GB card. It has image stabalizer technology, which was one criticism of the Fisher camcorder (it didn't). It records up to 30fps in a 640 by 480 pixel resolution.



Computer User UK

Research Notes

Please understand, this is all in my opinion and not a professional review of any of these cameras. I'm simply writing up my notes for geeks like me who like research. I'd like to update this page, so watch for updates if I have time.

With a lot of these cameras, the software isn't very good, for instance with the Panasonic cameras, the output is a non-standard .MOD file that you have to manually change to .MPG if you want to edit it using most other editing software.


Daniell Krawczyk said...

Great research. I want to see this camera in person now. The big question is though, will it work with iMovie HD because I know that it can work with some MPEG4 files without having to render into DV now.

Y said...

I uploaded MP4 files directly into FCP with no problems. I don't know about iMovie, though. Unfortunately for me, I don't have a Mac, so I'm looking into PC editing programs right now.

Toma said...

Yves, THANKS, man! Can't wait to buy one from your ebay dood! So... uh, where are those vlogs of YOURS, now, eh??? Don't keep us in suspense!