Rabbit Holes

On the net, there's always a new subculture to explore. I see them as rabbit holes, and I'm amazed to find new ones every day. Here's a list for today:
  • Someone forwarded me a link for living frugally, which lead me a bunch of different places, like
  • NetworthIQ, a site where you can track your networth on and share it with others.
    Through their tagging search feature, I found this guy,
  • Buster McLeod, who
  • wrote a book about an 89 year old city planner who didn't want his life to end without meaning.
  • He has a morale-o-meter that you can use to track your morale over the course of time.
  • Another link from the frugal site took me to a story about Japanese women who play the currency markets with their savings.
  • Which was a blog site commenting on this NY Times story.

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